Звіт 30 грудня 2020 року.

день физ2017 Sports achievements of the 2019/2020 academic year:


      Unfortunately, sports achievements in the 2019/2020 academic year were less than usual. And covid-19 prevented from achieving high results. But our coaches and students after the quarantine will definitely restore their sports form and will again please the fans with their high results.

- Prior to the quarantine, the XV Summer Universiade of Kyiv 2020 was held. KPI student named after Igor Sikorsky: Povalchuk Svyatoslav became the winner of these competitions.

- Vladyslav Turiy also successfully spends this season: he became the champion of Kyiv among young people (the competition took place on February 2020) and the champion of the Open Championship of the city of Kyiv, which took place on December 27, 2019.

- The best achievements of Dmitry Makarov, a student of the Faculty of Management and Marketing of KPI, group UV-93:

- champion of Kyiv and winner of the Cup of Ukraine in mixed martial arts;

 - Champion in the individual-team championship of Kyiv in pankration among adults;

 - Champion of Kyiv region in mixed martial arts among young men.

 - Silver medalist of the 2019 World Championship in the team event and bronze in the individual competition.

 - Ukrainian Orienteering Championship 2020 in sprint distances. In the individual competition Zvyagin Nikita took third place. In the mixed relay among juniors Shekhovtsov Andrey III place, in the elite Zvyanin Nikita II place.

 - Archery Participation in the responsible competitions of the 2019/2020 academic year: Championship of Ukraine indoors among adults and juniors, Kharkiv, 25-28.01.20:Voitko Anatoliy 3 place team, (1 category, TEF, gr.TR-82); Saklakov Nikita - 3 place team (1st category, TEF, gr.TR-85).

Ukrainian Rugby Championship, Polytechnic Rugby Club national team - first place

 - Ukrainian Sports Aerobics Championship 2020

   and: 1. Tournament Olympic Hopes Kyiv first place in the Dance program (21.12.19)
           2. Championship of Ukraine (among students) of Zaporizhia in the Dance program third place (14.12.19)
           3. Kyiv City Aerobics Championship (March 4, 2020) for the first place in the Dance Aerobics program
           4. Open Championship of Kyiv in sports aerobics in the program of the V sports contest among higher education institutions of Kyiv 2019/2020 academic year (04.03.2020) for the first place in the program Dance Aerobics
           The winners and winners of these competitions in the teams were:
           Skiba Nadiya TEF TI 72
           Pat Alexander FMM UV 82
           Muse Marina FBT BM 71
           Antipova Yaroslava FBT BM 71
           Belarus Irina IPSA YES 72
          Sholudko Alexander FTI, FF-81
          Savenko Larisa MMI VL 81
          Zavodovska Elizaveta FIOT, IP-93