Polytechnic Kyiv: "Olymp" (Kharkov) 3 -17

регби  May 22, after a quarantine break, the games of rugby players in the Super League continued. "Polytechnic Kiev" - "Olymp" (Kharkov) met on the field at 14.00. Fans were able to watch the live broadcast of the game. It's a pity, but the polytechnics lost. In the last minutes the Kharkiv team was able to widen the gap and the result of the game was 17: 3 in their favor. It is worth noting that the polytechnics tried to resist the rival until the last minute, but they failed to even close the gap. The strongest won the battle on the field.


             Фото 0078

                                                      Another game ahead:

                                                        May 29

                                         Polytechnic Kyiv: Podillya

                                                    Good luck!