Ukrainian Archery Championship 29.04-04.05.2021

gh1From April 29 to May 4, 2021 in Novaya Kakhovka,
Kherson region, the championship of Ukraine among SHVSM, SDYUSHOR, CYSS and UOR in archery was held (III rank competition), in which KPI students - pupils of our trainer-teacher in archery Oksana Virginiivna Dyakova. Competitions were held at the sports base of the FSO "Dynamo" (New Kakhovka).
 IMG 1882 IMG 1887
                     The best results were shown by the graduates of KPI 2019, 2020
                                          Kuts Yaroslav, Danilyuk Mikhail,
                     who became the champion of Ukraine in the team competition.

IMG 9459 IMG 9459

Participants in the competition were young students who are now studying at the KPI:
Litvyakov Daria (FBMI) - 4th place in the mix team
Voytko Anatoly (TEF) - 4th place in the mix team
Titamir Arseny (FMM)
Saklakov Nikita (TEF)