RUGBY, long-awaited victory of Kyiv Polytechnic

рег 1.jpg RUGBY, long-awaited victory of Kyiv Polytechnic

RUGBY, "Polytechnic Odessa" (6) 16:25 (10) "Polytechnic Kiev"

Saturday battles were opened by two "Polytechnics" - Odessa and Kiev. Even before the start of the meeting, it was clear that there was no favorite in the confrontation and it was impossible to predict the outcome. In duels between equal rivals, experience decides everything, and the capital team definitely had more of it. Despite three yellow cards and one red card, the Kievites realized their chances much better, and even in the minority, as evidenced by four attempts. This is not to mention the total advantage of guests in stationary positions.

But let's be honest, for Polytechnic from the Black Sea coast this is only the second season in the Super League, while the wards of Alexander Sabirov and Alexander Korovin played in the elite for many years and have colossal experience before releasing to the Higher League.

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