Bottom line: the rules must be followed

рег 1Ukraine, Polytechnic Kiev 13: 15 Antares

Super league

As expected, the meeting turned out to be very tense with intrigue until the final whistle. The first half remained for Polytechnic - 7: 3. The second half of the match turned into a batter's duel. The nominal hosts responded to two free throws by Alexander Berezansky with one accurate shot - 10: 9 "Polytech" in front. Then the same Berezansky takes Antares ahead from the penalty spot (12:10), but shortly before the final whistle Denis Azanov brings three more points to the "white-blue" (13:12).

And now the last seconds of the game come, "Polytechnic" can only control the ball and after the expiration of time to knock it out of the field ... But the team breaks the rules and gives Antares the right to one more shot on goal. Alexander Berezansky is accurate again and this is the victory of the "astrologers" in their first official match of the season 2021. (Source:

регби 17.04.21регби 17.04

                                            Bottom line: the rules must be followed