Student futsal. The press service of FASK reported

  футзал 1.jpg The press service of FAX reported:

"On Friday, April 9, the final day of the XX Championship of Ukraine in futsal among student teams of the Free Economic Zone of the 2020-2021 season took place. Makarenko (Sumy) and KhNU. Karazina (Kharkiv). The latter in the semifinals did not leave any chances to the only representative of Kyiv student futsal - the team of NPU. Драгоманова. It was the capital's "teachers" who were able to win bronze awards in the confrontation with IFKFV : NUFVSU (Ivano-Frankivsk).

The teams from Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk already met on the first day of the game and then Ruslan Misharovsky's wards were stronger, and the game ended with a score of 3: 2 in their favor. But the match for bronze turned out to be much more difficult, and the result of the match did not correspond to the course of events on the field. But this is futsal and the stronger one wins in it, or the one who realizes his goal opportunities better. It is nice to note that the best scorer of the tournament was the representative of the current champion of Kyiv - Vladislav Vasalatiy with 6 goals scored. "(End of quote)


Unfortunately, the KPI team, starting the season, could not reach the final, took 3rd place in Group B (two defeats and 1 victory out of three games. Only 8 Kyiv teams in two groups were able to participate in the competition. The season was very short, total three games before the final We hope the new starts of the next school year will be more interesting.

Polytechnic team results:

1st round of NUFVSU 7 : 4 "Polytechnic" (NTUU "KPI")

2nd round "Polytechnic" (NTUU "KPI") 2 : 0 Aviator (NAU)

3rd round Economist (KNEU) 3 : 1 "Polytechnic" (NTUU "KPI")