The Rugby Super League-2021 started

Фото-0056.jpg The Rugby Super-2021 League started in Odessa and Kharkiv

on April 3-4, where the first matches of the Ukrainian Rugby Championship of the 2021 season took place.

The first game of the Polytechnic team, which was scheduled for April 10 (CREDO-1963 - Kyiv Polytechnic) took place

But, unfortunately, this first game of the season ended with the defeat of the team of RK "Polytechnic". Played away. For our rugby players, this was the first official game of the season and it seemed that CREDO should have no problems. "Polytechnic" managed to find weaknesses in the opponent's defense, embodying it in the points scored. And even in the first half they tied the score 8: 8. But still the skill of the opponent was higher and the game ended not in favor of the polytechnics.

         регби 12.01.jpg

 33:15 - the final result, but it was quite a difficult victory for Odessa, where you can not pay tribute to the "Polytechnic" for the fight and the desire to fight to the final whistle.

 In the 3rd round of the Super League, both teams are waiting for the derby. In a local confrontation "CREDO" will meet with the Odessa "Polytechnic", and the Kievites will fight with "Antares", unless, of course, the game is canceled due to the pandemic