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Weightlifting Hall, № 143 TSFVS 


Krylov Anatoly G. , teacher.

Since 2005, renewed the national team of the University of weightlifting under the guidance of a teacher Krylov Anatoly Gennadievich

During this time, athletes have participated and achieved significant results in competitions at various levels, for example, they were winners both personally and team of the competition:

-Kiev Open Championship of Junior Weightlifting ( 07/03/2009 )

-Championship of Kiev ( 24.12.2010r.) Kiev Championship among universities ( 9.04.2011 )

-Kiev Championship (in dumb-bell) among universities ( 25.02.2011 )

-X Universiades in Kiev ( 9.04.2011 ).

-Success in the competition achieved university students Dap Dmitry Laposha Nikolai, Kushnarenko Denis Dzhemula Mikhaylo, Arhypskyy Alexander Fedorenko Ihor, Muzyka Natalia et al.The world champion-2013 powerlifting, Valentin Sergeyevich Cosmirenko.

лучшие Ивахненко 001Ivakhnenko, Victor (FBMI BR-31) is recognized as the best athlete

The championship of Ukraine among students in kettlebell sport Venue - Kyiv date - 28.02.2016 -  the Prize №                                                         The championship of Ukraine in kettlebell sport Venue - Kyiv date - 25.03.2016: - ; the Prize № - 1                                                                    The Cup of Ukraine in kettlebell lifting; Location - Kharkiv; date is 03.12.2015: -Hawk Oleg; the Prize № - 1                                                   The Cup of Ukraine in kettlebell sport Venue - Kyiv date - 25.03.2016:           - the Prize № - 1                                                                                         The World championship on kettlebell sport among students; Venue - Hungary m. walking; date is 02.07.2015-  the Prize № - 1                              A Team championship of Europe on weight lifting; Location - Portugal M. Port; date - 13.05.2016: Prize No. 2                                                             The World Championship on kettlebell sport among students; Location - Portugal M. Port;  12.05.2016; name of student: the Prize № - 1                    The championship of Kyiv among students on weight lifting; Venue: Kyiv; date is 12.02.2016; full name of student                                                         - The world Cup; 1st place; date 29.10.2016.                                                - World Championships:  1st place; date 30.10.2016                                   - The championship of Ukraine;  1st place; date 11.03.2017.                         

- European championship:  1st place; date 28.04.2017                                                                                              - European championship:   1st place; date 30.04.201                                                                                  - Ivakhnenko V.V. (FBMI BR-71mp); Sports: - World Championship for men with weight lifting; international competitions; prize-winning place - 1


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