Water Polo


водне поло


Swimming pool, left wing, second floor TSFVS


Katchalov Alexander Y., Teacher

 Water polo has been invented in the second half of the XIX century in Britain by William Wilson. It was the prototype game of rugby. Early versions of the game allow the use of force in the fight for the ball, holding an opponent under the water for seizure of the ball. Goalkeeper was out of bounds, he tried to prevent the opponent attempts to put the ball in the dock. The game came into its modern form in 1880 -'s.

 Water Polo - one of the oldest Olympic sports. For the first time was included in the Olympic Games in 1900. Women's water polo was included in the Olympic program in 2000 after political protests of the Australian women's team. World Cup of water polo for men held since 1973, Women – 1986.

 At NTU "KPI" water polo began its development recently, in 2012, with the ward of Kachalov Alexander Y. as a coach of water polo.
 Water Polo Combined Team of NTUU "KPI" still has considerable success, the main task of which is to prepare for the competition in 2015. Good luck!