волейбол игра


Game room number 2, right wing, second floor TSFVS


Dmitry V. Tomaszewski, Senior Lecturer (women's team of classical and beach volleyball);




  •  Advances in recent years of our volleyball players :
  • 2008 - III place in the 3rd round of the highest student league of Ukrainian Championship, Chernovtsy; 2008 - fifth place in Championship of Kiev in volleyball;
  • 2010 - second place in higher student volleyball league of Ukraine;
  • 2011 - second place in higher student volleyball league of Ukraine;
  • 2012 - Fourth place in the II - IV rounds of the highest student league of Ukraine.
  • Beach volleyball was actively popularized since 1999. University teams participate in all events of the city. Teams have won many victories in the amateur level.

     Team volleyball-polytechnics always competed in the Championships of Kiev, but the men's team managed to become champion for the first time in 25 years. Without a single game held the student's championship of Kiev team of men. Team "Kiev Politechnic-1" -2015/2016 champion among the universities of Kiev! Performed adequately and the second team KPI in his first season. Balabolit "Kyivska Polytechnika-2" in competition of student volleyball League took 5th place in the competition CSWL they were seventh out of 18 teams.

    The new successes of athletes and teams of the university can be found on the pages of the Ukrainian version