Special medical groups


спец мед групи

TE Hall, right wing, 1st floor, room 127


Karpyuk Irina Y., associate professor, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate dean of FBMI teaching work.

Zakharova Irina Y., , teacher.

Ignatenko Natalia V., senior lecturer.

Kurachenko Olga S., teacher.

Obezyuk Tatiana K., teacher

Pidvalna Olena V. , senior lecturer.

Physical education is an important tool in the education and training of students. Forming bases in their healthy lifestyle of outdoor activities, development and restoration of physical and spiritual strength, rehabilitation and correction of health, the development of positive moral and volitional qualities.

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Health is an integrated qualitative characteristics of the individual and society, which combines social, spiritual, mental, physical components and gives a person the sense of inner peace, happiness and overall life satisfaction. Therefore, the most important task of the teacher - a concern for the students health, because it is the key to the vibrancy, vitality, full of mental and physical development.

Teachers of the department involved in the study of health and physical development of students with disabilities in the state of health of their physical rehabilitation. These tasks include, above all, the improvement health, promotion of harmonious development of the physical abilities and strengthening of the student body.

Students who have deviation in health status, undergo rehabilitation by special based on research methodologies, at special medical department of sports improvement.