Football and foothall





Soccer field number 1.Teachers:

Mohunko Alexander D.,  senior lecturer, coach of the team.

Kondratovych Andrew B., teacher, coach of the combined team.

Soccer field number 2.  Teachers:

Grin Andrew R, Associate Professor, Candidate of Science 

Luskan Oleg Y, Senior Lecturer

Men's national football team of NTUU "KPI" - a regular participant of Kiev championship among universities has the following results (only in recent years):


футзал 19.03 2

Soccer field number 1, game room number 2 , game room number 1 TSFVS


Bіlokon Viktor Petrovich,teacher (works with the national women team).

Zhuravlev Sergey O. , senior lecturer (works with a national men team).

Kryvenda Vyacheslav S, Senior Lecturer (works with a national men team).


Teams have won or have been the prizewinners in such contests (over the last few years, optionally) :

Championship of Kiev mini-football among universities , 2007 (2nd place ), Kiev Cup of indoor soccer 2007 (1st place) ; Ukrainian Championship - 2nd League, Kiev 2008 (1st place) ; Cup of Kiev among universities of indoor soccer -2 place; Championships Kiev among universities with a mini football ( February-April ) of 2010 ,1- place ;
Assembled University team conducted successfully 2013: 3rd place in Ukraine Championship on mini -football, III rd place in the second division of the Central Zone, won the Cup Solomianskyi district in Kiev, a team of female medalists championship of Ukraine on football between women 2013; Championship of Kiev Cup women's teams season 2013-2014 years- 4th place.

There is a national team of teachers who participate in international tournaments and championship of Ukraine among veterans. Multiple Winner of the trade union committee of NTUU " KPI " and the international tournament " Kryms’ki zori" Feodosiya. Successful participation in the competition was in 2013 our veterans : 3rd place in the championship of Ukraine among veterans , Zhytomyr. In January 2014 the national team " Polytechnic " won the III- rd place among veterans in the first Championship of Ukraine, held in Zhytomyr. The team consists of senior teachers Ishin V.S and Kryvenda V.S , teachers Kondratovych A.B., Belokon V.P. The tournament prize for "best player " was awarded to player of the team " Polytechnic " Sergey Zhuravlev .

Achievements in different years:    

XIII championship and Persist under the auspices of the FASK-bronze medals.                                                Universiade of Ukraine: National team of NTUU "KPI" on futsal (2 place);                                                      Championship of Kiev among CFCs from futsal; prize place – 2.                                                          Championship of Kiev among institutions of higher education - the team "Polytechnic", prize-winning place – 2.                                                                                                                                                                      Cup of Kyiv among institutions of higher education; prize-winning place – 1.                                                   All-Ukrainian tournament among higher educational institutions "FOOTBALL against racism"; All-Ukrainian competitions; prize place – 3.

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