Football and foothall





Soccer field number 1.


Mohunko Alexander D., , senior lecturer, coach of the team.

Kondratovych Andrew B, teacher, coach of the combined team.

Shevtsov Valery Ivanovich , a senior lecturer.

 Soccer field number 2.


Grin Andrew R, Associate Professor, Candidate of Science .

Latyshev Eugenie M., Senior Lecturer

Luskan Oleg Y, Senior Lecturer

ЧMen's national football team of NTUU "KPI" - a regular participant of Kiev championship among universities has the following results (only in recent years):

• 2008 - 1st place of championship, 2009 - 3rd place, 2010 5 - place , 2011 - 3rd place, 2012 - 3rd place, 2013 - 3rd place.

Results 2017/2018 academic year:

Teacher Kondratovich A.B.

All-Ukrainian Futsal Competition of the branch sports association of students of education and science of Ukraine; All-Ukrainian competitions; prize-winning place - 2 (teacher Kondratovich A.B.).

Тeacher Mokhunko O.D.
- football (men), XIX Championship of Kiev among students' teams of ZVO; city competitions; without a prize place.
- football (men), Cup of Kiev among student teams of ZVO; city competitions; without a prize place.


футзал 19.03 2


Soccer field number 1, game room number 2 , game room number 1 TSFVS


Bіlokon Viktor Petrovich,teacher (works with the national women team).

Zhuravlev Sergey O. , senior lecturer (works with a national men team).

Kryvenda Vyacheslav S, Senior Lecturer (works with a national men team).

Feinberg  Boris A. , teacher (works with the national women team).


Teams have won or have been the prizewinners in such contests (over the last few years, optionally) :

Championship of Kiev mini-football among universities , 2007 (2nd place ), Kiev Cup of indoor soccer 2007 (1st place) ; Ukrainian Championship - 2nd League, Kiev 2008 (1st place) ; Cup of Kiev among universities of indoor soccer -2 place; Championships Kiev among universities with a mini football ( February-April ) of 2010 ,1- place ;
Assembled University team conducted successfully 2013: 3rd place in Ukraine Championship on mini -football, III rd place in the second division of the Central Zone, won the Cup Solomianskyi district in Kiev, a team of female medalists championship of Ukraine on football between women 2013; Championship of Kiev Cup women's teams season 2013-2014 years- 4th place.

There is a national team of teachers who participate in international tournaments and championship of Ukraine among veterans. Multiple Winner of the trade union committee of NTUU " KPI " and the international tournament " Kryms’ki zori" Feodosiya. Successful participation in the competition was in 2013 our veterans : 3rd place in the championship of Ukraine among veterans , Zhytomyr. In January 2014 the national team " Polytechnic " won the III- rd place among veterans in the first Championship of Ukraine, held in Zhytomyr. The team consists of senior teachers Ishin V.S and Kryvenda V.S , teachers Kondratovych A.B., Belokon V.P. The tournament prize for "best player " was awarded to player of the team " Polytechnic " Sergey Zhuravlev .

The results of the 2014/2015 academic year, foothall:

  • First Veyras student games on kinds of sports which are not included to the Olympics (25 September 2015):

    -the team of NTUU “KPI” Futsal team won the third place.

  • The results of the 2015/2016 academic year, foothall:

    XIII championship and Persist under the auspices of the FASK. Team of NTUU "KPI" Futsal team won bronze medals.

     PONOCHEVNY VLADIMIR (23 goals), ARDASHNIKOV ANDREW (scored 13 goals), SALTANOV GAMES (13 goals), IVAN VEREMIYCHYK - 7, DENNIS KARMAZIN - 5, PUSHKAREV MAXIM - 4, PARKHOMENKO IGOR 3, IVANYUK IVAN - 2, DMITRY CLINICO - 1, VITALIY SHAPOVALOV - 1; Ignatenko Igor, Kapustin Vladimir, Kashin Vladimir, Mazur Sergey, Us Alexander, Filonenko Egor, Nikolaev Denis, Smancy Dmitry.

    Sports Achievements in the 2016/2017 academic year:

    Universiade of Ukraine: National team of NTUU "KPI" on futsal (2 place); Date taken 07.09.2016.

    Sports Achievements in the 2017/2018 academic year:

    Teachers Zhuravlev S.O., Krivenda V.S.
    - Championship of Kiev among CFCs from futsal; prize place – 2
    - Championship of Kiev among institutions of higher education - the team "Polytechnic", prize-winning place – 2
    - Cup of Kyiv among institutions of higher education; prize-winning place – 1
    - All-Ukrainian tournament among higher educational institutions "FOOTBALL against racism"; All-Ukrainian competitions; prize place – 3