Center of Students Consolidation, student union committee, 2nd floor.

Currently, you can attend chess classes in the student trade union committee.



Chess - the game on a special board entitled chessboard and is divided into 64 light and dark cells (fields) between 16 white and 16 black figures, that are established according to the rules of their placement in the game. It is an ancient Indian board entertaining game that has a long history. As one of the most common sports of today, the game combines elements of art (imagination), science (logic, exact calculation) and sports.

Chess have an educational value, as they contribute to the development of concentration, ability to overcome difficulties and planning their own actions and to think logically. As the personal features of a human are being detected in chess, they are used as a model of research in psychology and pedagogy. Also used for modeling of artificial intelligence.

Achievements of the University team in recent years:

- Championship of Kiev among all universities within the city (.2007)

- Command I place; On the Championship of Kiev among higher education institutions (2009) the team took second place;

-At 2012-2013 Championship of all universities in Kiev the combined team of NTUU "KPI" took 3rd place.

- The team: Pavel Vorontsov,  Belous Mikhail, Frame RonSkuratovsky Ilya Andreеw Vladimir,  Angelika ValkovaKonopatsky Alexander,  Gamula Mary.
- Belous Mikhail became the first in the Championship of Ukraine among youths under 20 years of age, participated in the world chess Championship(boys under 20), which was held in August 2016 in India.

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